If you ask any of the local residents of the Rawsonville area, they will tell you that the Du Preez family has been pioneers in the winemaking community of this beautiful valley, for as long as they can remember.

In 2016 Du Preez Estate celebrated their centennial year as passionate contributors to the wine industry, and with 100 years that has passed in all its glory,  plenty highlights, it is time to start planning for the next 100. The planting of new vineyard blocks and the extension of production facilities is therefore a continuous process, to keep renewal on track, since this is key to dreaming for the future.


Three Generations of Du Preez family members have built Du Preez Estate into a prestigious farm with history, pride and a sense of family connectedness that runs through the business like a golden thread. Hennie du Preez Snr, Jean du Preez and Janette Basson (Du Preez), heads up the operations with a focused and driven attitude, to ensure that the foundations are being laid for the fourth generation to continue building the legacy."