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Sauvignon Blanc 2018

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It has a beautiful colour of pale yellow green with a vibrant shimmer. The nose is classic Sauvignon Blanc with lime zest, green fig, passion fruit and fresh oregano. The zesty palate reminds of kiwifruit and kumquat with a dry lingering minerality.

Alcohol 12.27%
Residedual sugars 1.3 g/l
pH 3.38
Total Acidity (TA) 6.8 g/l

Hanepoot 2015

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The wine displays a beautiful golden sunset hue. On the first whiff you find ripe yellow fruit, peaches and apricot. With the first sip you get blown away by the sweet yellow syrup. Highly concentrated fruit plays around in your mouth, quince and fleshy mango with hints of honey almond and a slight orange burn on the back palate. It is full bodied, round and naturally sweet.

Alcohol 15.91%
Residedual sugars 206.6 g/l
pH 3.6
Total Acidity (TA) 6.5 g/l

Polla’s Red 2016

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The ruby colour has an appeal of young energetic vibrancy. On the nose you will find a clean, fruit forward mix of ripe plum and blackberry melody. The generous amount of wood aging lends to the deep darker side with whiffs of coffee on the nose and lingering mocha on the palette. The finish is long, concentrated and enjoyable.

Alcohol 14%
Residedual sugars 2.5 g/l
pH 3.62
Total Acidity (TA) 5.76 g/l

Merlot 2017

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Merlot is a wine to be enjoyed and thus is made in a consumer friendly style. The colour has a young vibrancy with a dark garnet hue. The nose is fruit forward showing black cherry, raspberry and plum while the wood component enforces the vanilla and clove undertones. The finish is long, concentrated and enjoyable with elegant tannin.

Alcohol 14.12%
Residedual sugars 6.2 g/l
pH 3.67
Total Acidity (TA) 5.88 g/l

Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

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The wine colour is dark ruby in the centre with a magenta tinged edge. The nose expresses pronounced and captivating notes of cherries, blackcurrants, and black plums along with a subtle touch of vanilla from ageing on oak staves. Medium bodied with silky tannins and long, ripe fruit and berry aftertaste, with impressive balance of fruit and polished tannins.

Alcohol 13.95%
Residedual sugars 4.2 g/l
pH 3.56
Total Acidity (TA) 5.8 g/l